Finding Us, in an Artist-in-Residence program in Korea

The group Finding Us was invited to participate in an Artist-in-Residence program in Seocheon, Korea. The workshop took place in August 2014, in the context of the Container project. 
Coordinators and creators of this project were: Sung Heun Kim and Pilsoo Lee from the association Ja Ram in Seocheon.

This container, like others will fulfil a new function: to become a Hotel for Artists.

1st Prize in the 7th International Biennale of Tashkent

Conceptual project "Finding us", received the 1st Prize of the 7th International Biennale of Tashkent in Uzbekistan, where they were exhibited works of 9 artists from different countries: Korea, Egypt, Spain, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Ethiopia, Denmark.